Focused on you, not shareholders.

We're determined to bring you a better deal on your next new car by working with UK main dealers.

BRISKODA was formed in 2002 with the goal of helping ŠKODA owners. We've helped ten's of thousands of our members with ownership and buying decisions. Indeed it's helped many people into an ideal car and avoided costly mistakes! Something we can all be very proud of, thank you for helping this great community.

BRISKODA Cars is an extention to the communities goals and is provided for you. We've teamed up with ŠKODA approved UK dealers to bring you the best of deals securely and easily.

Driving a new car can and should be easier, that's our view. You can visit your local dealer and get a good offer, but can you be sure it's the best offer?

Every day we see our community members looking to get advice on their new ŠKODA. Our community with peer to peer support & advice from other owners is impartial, honest and invaluable.

With our trusted dealer partners we're keen to make a simple, secure and cost effective experience for you. You retain the support and security of a UK Dealer without risking a 3rd party with your order or money.

This service is of interest to you if you are looking to drive a new car, or a built to order car. Lead times will vary!